As, we recommend our users to carefully read “website terms and conditions” which are prepared to offer professional service to our customers and develop our products and service before using our website.

Our customers that use our website or shop on our website are assumed to read and accept the following terms and conditions.

All pages on address and all sub-pages linked to these pages are the products of BNC Finland Oy and managed by the authorised personnel of the company. As customers, you accept and undertake that you are bound with the following terms when you use all the services presented on this website when you continue to use the website and benefit from the surfaces. These terms include but not limited to that you have the legal right and authorisation to sign a legally binding agreement and you are above 18 olds and you have read, understood and accept the bounding principles of this agreement.

Parties declare to completely and absolutely undertake the rights and liabilities related to in this Agreement in a timely manner when they accept this Agreement.


  • BNC Finland Oy reserves the right to change prices and offered products and services without any further notice at its own discretion.
  • BNC Finland Oy accepts and undertakes to provide the goods and services to the customers except technical problems arising from external factors.
  • BNC Finland Oy is liable to undertake the promised campaigns on the website and otherwise to compensate the customer damages that might arise.
  • BNC Finland Oy shall not have complete liability for the incomplete, incorrect and circumstances that might be against the customer for the brands the company acts as the distributor. In this case, the company undertakes to accept the return of the goods of the related firm and to replace these products with the new products. In case of any refusal by the customer, the company will accept refund (after deducting the used products by the Customer).
  • As BNC Finland Oy, we completely undertake to be bound by the campaigns and details in “Delivery” categories on our website.
  • The customer undertakes not to produce or share any disorderly, illegal, misleading, offensive, obscene, pornographic, damaging personal rights, anti-copyright, promoting illegal activities content on any part of the website or during any stage of the communication. The customer shall be liable for the damages arising from such sharing; in this case, authorised personnel reserves the right to suspend the accounts and commence legal proceedings. If any information is requested from judicial authority regarding these proceedings, the company reserves the right to share the demanded information.


  • All registered and unregistered intellectual properties including but not limited to title, business name, brand, patent, logo, design, information and method on website belongs to the website owner and the firm and protected by the national and international law. Visiting the address or using the services on this website shall not appoint any rights regarding intellectual property rights.
  • Any information on website cannot be reproduced, published, copied, presented and/or transferred. The website cannot be used completely or partially on another website without any permission.


  • BNC Finland OY shall not disclose the personal information collected from to 3rd parties. This personal information are including but not limited to name-surname, address, phone number, GSM number, e-mail address which are collected to define the customer information and shall be considered as “Confidential Information”.
  • The customers accept and declare to permit BNC Finland Oy to share the communication information, portfolio and demographic information collected with subsidiaries or connected group companies with the sole purpose of marketing activities including promotion, advertisement, campaign, discount and announcements. This personal information can be used to identify customer profile, create promotion and campaigns for the customer profile and statistical work within the company.
  • Confidential information can only be disclosed when demanded officially by official bodies and when disclosure is mandatory by the imperative provisions in the legislation.


  • If the liabilities arising from this Agreement cannot be executed due to reasons including but not limited to natural disasters, fire, epidemics, explosions, civil wars, wars, riots, popular movements, declaration of mobilization, strikes, lockouts and epidemics, infrastructure and internet failures, power outages (collectively referred as “Force Majeure”) that cannot be controlled by the Parties, Parties shall not be liable for executing these liabilities. In this period, all the rights and liabilities arising from this Agreement shall be suspended for both Parties.


  • BNC Finland Oy reserves the right to make partial or complete changes on the services provided on the website and the articles of this Agreement on its own discretion. The changes shall be valid starting from the date of publication on the website. Customers shall be liable to follow all the changes. The customer shall be deemed to accept these changes when the customer continues to benefit from the promised services.


  • All notifications between BNC Finland Oy and the Customer shall be communicated via [email protected] e-mail address and e-mail or phone number used by the customers in communication. The customer accepts that the address declared in product demand is the valid notification address, to inform the company in 5 days if this address is changed and otherwise, all notifications to this address shall be deemed valid.


Commercial Courts and Enforcement Offices of Finland are authorised for the settlement of disputes and all conflicts arising from the execution and interpretation of this Agreement.